The Eyecare Continuing Education Alliance Network


As well as providing leading edge Learning and Content Management Systems the Continuing Education Alliance creates a network of Eyecare Education Portals to distribute your CE content through.

CE that you choose to Distribute is first reviewed and then placed into the Eyecare CE Pool.

CE in the Pool is published on the Eyecare World CE Alliance Education Portal which is promoted internationally through Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization and other online marketing campaigns.

The CE Pool is also made available to Eyecare Associations around the world. These Associations can select CE from the Eyecare CE Pool for their own Websites and Education Portals.

Different Eyecare legislators apply differing CE requirements to the Eyecare professionals in their State / Country. Our Education Portals have been specially designed to accommodate these requirements.

The Education Portals can be setup for each State / Country and have multiple bespoke settings creating a true global CE solution. Bespoke settings include:

  • Measuring CE in credits / points / units / hours
  • Recording the Accreditation that has been awarded by Eyecare Accreditation Agencies
  • The capture of Evaluation Statements
  • Different certificate layouts
  • Automatic synchronization with Eyecare legislators' tracking software
  • Individual compliance reporting
  • And much more!